A cloud based Social Learning Management Software for educational institutes which help students enhance performance through Real-Time Analytics & Social Learning

Cloud Based Software
Online School Software

In-built Library populated with abundant of video based books on every subject

Online School Software

Students can create and save notes & the best part notes are accessible offline

Online School Software

Student can create tasks inside the task manager to stay organized

Online School Software

lassfeed helps students & teachers to interact. A feature which enhances student performace

Tabschool Explained in simple English

Most of the other online applications are mainly focused on offering administative solutions to educatonal organizations & our focus is purely on providing an efficient learning system to improve student's learning ability and thereby their overall educational performances.

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Digitize your content

With Tabschool's proprietary convas Technology one can easily convert its paper notes into digital format. Teachers con create visual content & quizzes for students & all the costomized notes are securely saved in respective acoount for your use

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Easy Fee Payment System

Post-demonitization, it has become mandatory for every institute to have fee provide digital fee management system. Student get automated notifications when the amount is due.

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Real-Time Learning Analytics

Analytics offer valuable insight into the overall performanc of a student. It con help preisely gauge various psychological factorsand issues including the true orientation and motivation of a student's learning habits. This enables teachers to provide a unique personalized and adaptive learning system

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Manage Student & Teachers

Tabschool gives institute management space to manage students as well as the teachers. Full reports of students & teachers are generated giving an insight about the institution and how to optimize and make efficient.

Learning Management Software

Available Cross-Platform

Tabschool is available across all plataform for easy access, anytime, anywhere. Its available on Android, iOS & Web Platforms

Learning Management Software

Easy to Use

Tabschool software iseasy to manage & use. It gives each institute its own private space to manage & control all activities.

Learning Management Software

Real Time Connectivity

Commuincate with students, teachers, experts on real time, where evey you are & at any time      

Learning Management Software


Tabschool offers the reassurance of a secure system where all data is encrypted and protected from hacking.

Learning Management Software

Training & Support

Our experts provide full training & support to teachers & students. We are available for your support & hepl you with problems that you might face.

Learning Management Software

Free Updates

We consider inputs from students & teachers are most valueable, that's why we keep updating ourselves & give free updates.

Tabschool Inc

About Tabschool

Tabschool was launched with the clear-cut vision of creating an efficient and sophisticated digital learning environment for the modern-day learners and teachers alike. The central idea is to enable student to learn with ease and speed using highly sophisticated digital tools and technologies.

The goal is to provide students with a learning enviroment they are already familiar with and freely, openly and seamlessly share information, without the constraints of physical location, age such limiting factors.

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"We need to embrace technology to make learning more engaging. Because when students are engaged and they are interested, that's where leaning takes place."