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Digital India Education Program
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About Initiative

Tabschool, under the guidance of Digital India Program, has initiated to fund 100 schools across India for implementing the tablet-based learning in classrooms.

The aim is to provide all students with the education, increase their academic performance and make them future-ready.

Tablet in Classroom
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

"The quality of education today decides the tomorrow. Government may build schools, but the future can be built by the schools only. The key responsibility of building India’s tomorrow thus lies with the schools."

-Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Magic of Tablet based Education

We hand out the revolutionary device to students and give them direct access to eBooks, Multimedia content, teachers and fellow students, creating a closed network. An entire ecosystem where they interact and engage with content, making learning fun.

What's more!!! It supports local languages and gives the child a space to write its own notes using a digital pencil making device, the new age pencil, and paper.

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Benefits for Students

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Engaging and relatable content makes learning fun and creates excitement to proactively participate in class and learning process.

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With a huge pool of resources and constant communication with teachers, it does not let students suffer due to any condition or situation in the schools.

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Gamification and engaging learning process help in the improvement of learning levels enabling students to pursue higher education.

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Benefits for Teachers

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The teacher becomes a personal assistant and delivers personalized learning content in any situation or environment that can happen at schools.

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It increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the teachers by enabling them to teach and perform better

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Continuous usage of tablets effectively even in the limited resources environment. Charged tablets can be used for the entire school day.

How it works

The process to consider your school for the implementation of the tablet-based
education are as per the following guidelines.

  • Tabschool and Digital Education Program will fund 100 schools on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Digital Education Program is a partnership program between Tabschool and respective schools.
  • Every partner school is required to implement a minimum of 100 tablets on a one-on-one student basis.
  • Each school is required to have an active internet connection inside the school premises.
  • Tabschool & Digital Education Program representative will visit from time to time in schools to inspect the implementation of the program.
  • Tabschool & Digital Education Program will fund 40% of expenses upon meeting set criteria.

All-in-One Bundle for ₹10,000

  • Hardware - 7" Tablet (100 PCs) with 1 year warranty.
  • Software - Learning Management Solution (LMS).
  • Educational Video Content & eBooks.
  • Teachers & Parents Dashboard - Send assignments, tests & track performance.
  • Device Management Solution - Parental controls, blocking apps & websites.
  • 30 Day training for teachers & students.
  • 1 Year full support.

How to Apply

  • Apply for Digital Education Program Last Date to apply 20th December 2019.
  • Along with the refundable fee of ₹60,000/-.
  • A refund is applicable in case your school is not selected.
  • You or your school can also opt-out for the program within 5 business days after applying, and the full amount will be refunded.
  • Selected School will receive an acceptance email by 25th December 2019. Along with a full list of documents required to proceed.
  • Deadline to pay 55% payment 10th Januray 2020.
  • Second Deadline of 15 % payment 1st Feburary 2020
  • Last Deadline of final payment of 30% 2nd March 2020
  • Date of delivery of 100 PCs of Tablets will be between 15th - 29th Feburary 2020
  • Date of release of funds to schools 1stJuly 2020

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