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Getting Started with Tabschool

The main objective of using this platform is provide fun learning to the students and easy interaction for the teachers. Learning to deal with the LMS is a major part of operating Tabschool. It helps providing easy access to the classes.

Steps to get started with Tabschool:

Step1:  Visit the website using the link

Step2: Click on the sign up button.

Step3: Fill in all the details that includes, full name, Last name, Email Id, phone number, school/institute name.

Step4: click on “subscribe to our newsletter”

Step 5: click on the Sign up.

You will receive an OTP on your given Email Id and Mobile Number.

Step5: Enter the OTP for verification.

Your Plan option will appear, choose a plan and make the payment. You can also choose 15 days trial plan from the option.

Step6: Choose your required plan.

Step7: Get started with the LMS.








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