How Tabschool is changing the educational ecosystem

Tabschool has been providing software to educational organizations for over 6 years. The company has created a differentiated platform that can be customized and deployed to various departments in an organization.

Tabschool’s strategy to digitalize educational organizations

Tabschool is software that digitalizes education. This software makes it easy for teachers to create & share lessons and for students to take online quizzes, tests & examinations. The lessons are interactive and engaging because they use algorithms that make sure students learn the material in an effective way. Tabschool also has content from all levels of education, from primary school up to college. This allows teachers to pick and choose the content they want to show their students.

The significance of being an educational company with a tech backbone

Tabschool is an educational company with a tech backbone. Tabschool app has an adaptive learning system that suggests what skills to learn based on the student’s ability and interests. The curriculum is organized into discrete units of learning so that students can progress and build skills at their own pace. This app also helps teachers by providing them with a grading system for automated feedback, as well as lesson plans to use in the classroom.

A faster and better learning experience for students

Teachers with Tabschool have the ability to deliver lessons in a variety of formats, making it easier for students who don’t learn well through lectures. In addition, students are able to work at their own pace and go back over difficult topics without interrupting the entire class. With feedback options and robust assessment methods, students can learn at their own pace while developing a deeper understanding of content.

Why current education systems are not designed for the future

Rear view of children with digital tablets raising their hands in classroom

The current education system is designed for the past. Students are forced to memorize information that may not have a practical application in their future. This outdated system wastes hours of valuable time. Tabschool uses an interactive question-and-answer system to make sure that students are digesting the information and can apply it in the future. It also provides real-time feedback so that teachers know what each student’s strengths and weaknesses are. Tabschool is changing the educational ecosystem by providing a more modern learning environment for students.

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