Major Reforms & Outcomes: National Education Policy (NEP)

How Tabschool is changing the educational ecosystem

26 Apr 2022

Tabschool has been providing software to educational organizations for over 6 years. The company has created a differentiated platform that can be customized and deployed to various departments in an organization.

Create A Personalized Learning Environment In The Classroom: How To Prepare For It

26 Apr 2022

The new generation of students is the most diverse and technologically literate that we have ever seen. As a result, some educators are looking to create personalized learning environments where they can tap into

How has ed-tech affected distance learning courses?

11 Jan 2022

Distance learning alludes to the instruction framework where educators and understudies don't need to be available in a similar room.

The pandemic has hit education but inspired innovation.

13 Oct 2021

The transition to distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic was the beginning of a large-scale experiment in the Indian education system. By March 2020, educators, managers, and policymakers needed to find new ways to

Why does hybrid learning is here to stay?

27 Sep 2021

Circumstances have made technology-based educational models, such as hybrid learning, the next natural step in developing a learning experience.

CBSE CTET model question paper released, here’s how to download

27 Sep 2021

The CBSE has delivered a bunch of model inquiries (model inquiries) for the forthcoming Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) planned to be held in December 2021-January 2022. The model inquiries are accessible on the

What is Blended Learning?

22 Sep 2021

If you think about the traditional classroom environment on one end of the spectrum and on the other end is a student learning on a computer at home, blended learning is somewhat in the

Best LMS Platforms for your Educational Institute

22 Sep 2021

In this era of the new normal, where everyone knows about this one precious tool which is fully equipped with all features and specialties which complete..

7 Reasons you should implement Learning Management Software after COVID-19

22 Sep 2021

Instead of visiting different websites, channels or hard drives and devises, an LMS helps you store all the data and materials in one place.

Major Reforms & Outcomes: National Education Policy 2020

21 Sep 2021

The government has replaced the 34-year-old National Policy on Education, framed in 1986, with the National Education Policy of 2020.

Impact of COVID-19 on Online Learning and It’s Future

06 Sep 2021

The COVID-19 catastrophe has forced education systems worldwide to find alternatives to face-to-face guidance. Online teaching and learning have been used by teachers and students...