Onboarding with Tabschool

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Onboarding with Tabschool

The main objective of this part is to give you a detailed introduction about the working of the Platform. Also, to help you with the key features of this LMS. It helps you with find the number of people using this platform for learning as well as teaching.

Steps to provide details for onboarding with Tabschool:

Step1: Visit the website using the link https://tabschool.in/app

Step2: Login to the Tabschool and your home screen will appear.

Step3: Complete the details of create a profile.

Step4: Click on Classes icon from the Menu bar.

You will see all the details of Classes available on LMS. It will show you the details including class, branch, and section, edit option, and delete option.

Step5: Go to the Home screen a click on Student icon from the menu bar.

You will find the details about the students who are currently using the platform for learning. The details, you will see includes Enrollment number, Name, Email, Programme, and Teachers assigned, full review of student information, edit option and delete option.

Step6: Go to the Home screen a click on Teachers icon from the menu bar.

Here you will see the details of the students who are assigned for this online learning portal. It Information includes Unique ID, Name, Email Id, Programme, Subjects, Full review of teachers details, edit option and delete option.

Step7: You can also download these record in the form of PDF


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