Useful Tools to Create Custom Content

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Useful Tools to Create Custom Content

Steps to find the tools to create custom content and find useful tools

Step1: Visit the website using the link

Step2: Login in to the Tabschool Account, Home screen will appear immediately.

The left side contains Menu bar, it has icons for different purpose.

Step 3: Click on the Content Builder, given in the menu bar.

The next screen will appear with multiple details to fill in

Step 4: Fill in all the details given on the screen.

Step 5: Click on the Create content option to find out which are the content that you can create on your own. The content only support PDF, Word file and power point format for uploading customized content.

You have three option to find out which are the content that you can customize.

  • Popular First- You will see the content on the top of the option which are most used option for creating such content some of them include: Course presentation, multiple choice, Interactive video etc.
  • Newest first- When you click on the newest First option all the updated content which are introduced on the Tabschool will appear on the screen. These include: KewAr code, Interactive book, find the words etc.
  • A to Z- By clicking on this option you will have the access on the content in Alphabetical order and you can search accordingly. These includes: Accordion, Agamotto, etc.

The most used option for creating content are given below. Go through the Tutorial to see how to use each of them.

  1. Interactive Video- You can see the inbuilt video of the platform or content demo. You can also use these video to teach the students by providing them video and audio teaching on this platform.

Couse presentation- Course presentations consist of slides with multimedia, text, and many different types of interactions like interactive summaries, multiple choice questions and interactive videos. Learners can experience new interactive learning material and test their knowledge and memory in Course Presentations.

Multiple choice- Multiple Choice questions can be an effective assessment tool. The learner is given immediate performance feedback. The H5P Multiple Choice questions can have a single or multiple correct options per question.

Quiz (Question set) – Question Set is your typical quiz content type. It allows the learner to solve a sequence of various question types such as Multichoice, Drag and drop and Fill in the blanks in a Question set. As an author, there are many settings you can use to make it behave just the way you want it to. You may, for instance, customize the Question set with background images and define a pass percentage for the learner.

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