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Smart School Education Software
on a tablet for your school

A solution for interactive classroom teaching making
institution entirely digital and bagless.

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What we do

Tabschool, design, setup, and support tablet-based education at school and other educational institutions. Our application makes education engaging which excites students proactively towards life-shaping education.

Tabschool is the forerunner in making classrooms digital and bagless.


Disruptive Features for Teachers

Tabschool aim is to make the learning process more interesting an effortless, making available all the e-learning resources available for the teacher. Our elegant tool is capable of providing assessment and performance analytics, which helps in tracking the student’s growth.

Create Network of Students

Communication and interaction make the learning process more fruitful. Tabschool enables the teacher to create a network of student and to distribute content.

Result Analytics

Tabschool provides real-time analytics of a student’s assessment. The tabschool tools track every performance of the students.

Content Creation Tools

Tabschool provides special tools for educators for creating quality content. Tabschool is a hub where you get exciting e-learning features.

Unlimited Storage

Tabschool offers its educator unlimited storage capability. It helps in avoiding the repetition of content, saving time and storing your account forever once made. You just need to edit or update it and send it to new batches.

Mobile Device Management Solution

To provide effortless education tabschool bring tablet-based education system. To block unimportant apps and website tabschool integrate its education system with a device management solution.

Support & Training

Implementation of new technology is somehow difficult. So, tabschool is providing training and assistance to make the learning more and more fruitful for their customers.

Magic of Tablet based Education

We hand out the revolutionary device to students and give them direct access to eBooks, Multimedia content, teachers and fellow students, creating a closed network. An entire ecosystem where they interact and engage with content, making learning fun.

What's more!!! It supports local languages and gives the child a space to write its own notes using a digital pencil making device, the new age pencil, and paper.

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Benefits for Students

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Engaging and relatable content makes learning fun and creates excitement to proactively participate in class and learning process.

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With a huge pool of resources and constant communication with teachers, it does not let students suffer due to any condition or situation in the schools.

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Gamification and engaging learning process help in the improvement of learning levels enabling students to pursue higher education.

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Benefits for Teachers

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The teacher becomes a personal assistant and delivers personalized learning content in any situation or environment that can happen at schools.

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It increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the teachers by enabling them to teach and perform better

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Continuous usage of tablets effectively even in the limited resources environment. Charged tablets can be used for the entire school day.

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