Making classroom learning engaging & paperless

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Interactive and Enjoyable learning tools
for schools & students


Tabschool Labs or TBS Labs as we call, design, setup and support tablet-based learning at schools. We make education engaging through our application which excites students proactively towards life-shaping education.

Tabschool is the forerunner in providing tablet-based literacy and e-learning solutions

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Plugin & Play Canvas to build personalized content

Engaging Content aligned with curriculum

Supports English and Local Languages

Teachers can keep track of results

Convertible tablets with Digital Pencil


We work with schools who have the futuristic mindset, help them setup tablet based labs for the interactive and personalized learning environment. Tabschool is adaptive, easy to use and student-centric ensuring proactive usage by students and help teachers to become personalized facilitators for holistic growth of the students.

Tabschool facilitates the entire learning process in the classroom, paperless. It’s an education ecosystem every school must have. We are always excited to hear from you, in case you wish to set up a usable and easy to manage digital learning lab for your school.

Students love to study on tabschool, as it adapts according to the student making learning personalized and engaging.

A Library populated with eBooks and Video-based content provides the student with abundant resources to learn from the most relatable content.

No special place required to setup lab, minimum internet connection is all it requires to open Pandora’s box of enjoyable learning.

Student wise reports are generated for teachers, not just to track performance but also the behavior.

A custom designed e-learning solutions for NGOs and foundations who are working to supplement underprivileged in school education. We consider ourselves as an organization which has all solutions.

If you are exploring the digital learning opportunities for your foundation or NGO in school or higher studies, we would love to connect with you and share our solutions for your projects.

Customizable e-learning solutions and tablet-based digital literacy for NGOs

Engaging content in English as well as in local languages for any subject or skill as per the requirement including students with special needs.

Dedicated training and support for coordinators, schools and learning centers

Lifetime Usage support, for the best value on CSR and Donor investment in school education

We work with education departments and agencies of the State and Centre Governments to plan, implement and support high impact e-learning and tablet-based education programs.

We can make an impact on the government e-learning programs and deliver transformational value to the rural school.

State and region-centric learning and tablet-based solutions

Capacity to deliver skill and school-based content in local language, aligned as per state boards.

Content Consulting and Design based projects focused on STEM subjects and skills delivered via tablets

Integrated solution - Planning, Design, Implementation, Training, and Support of Hardware as well as of software.


We hand out the revolutionary device to students and give them direct access to eBooks, Multimedia content, teachers and fellow students, creating a closed network. An entire ecosystem where they interact and engage with content, making learning fun.

What's more!!! It supports local languages and gives the child a space to write its own notes using a digital pencil making device, the new age pencil, and paper.


Engaging and relatable content makes learning fun and creates excitement to proactively participate in class and learning process.

With a huge pool of resources and constant communication with teachers, it does not let students suffer due to any condition or situation in the schools.

Gamification and engaging learning process help in the improvement of learning levels enabling students to pursue higher education.


The teacher becomes a personal assistant and delivers personalized learning content in any situation or environment that can happen at schools.

It increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the teachers by enabling them to teach and perform better

Continuous usage of tablets effectively even in the limited resources environment. Charged tablets can be used for the entire school day.