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    # 5 months, 1 week ago

    We have many PowerPoint slide decks that we would like to be able to convert in to Tabschool Course Presentations so that we could add interactivity and other supported features to them. Ideally, each PowerPoint slide would be imported with its elements retained, so that each text “container” remains editable and moveable within the Tabschool Course Presentation slide and includes any header designations; any alt text entered for an image would be brought over; Ideally, it would also handle any associated voice-over audio associated with each slide. Our current online lectures often use voice over slides and it would be nice to have this option in Tabschool, either as part of the import or as a separate import/synching.

    Less importantly, it would bring over animation associated with the slide, although anything strictly decorative, like transitions, are definitely not needed.

    It is less clear how Notes would ideally be handled, but perhaps an option to include notes that would add them as a Continuous text element on the following slide would make the most sense (and if the notes are longer, than a slide, there would need to be the manual edit to make them work).

    Happy to provide any clarification now or later,

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