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Assigning classes to students in bulk

Providing an option of assigning classes in bulk to the students. It will help in reducing the workload. A very suitable manner for the assignee to allocate the students.

Steps to assign classes to the students in bulk are:

Step1: Visit the website using the link

Step2: Login in to the Tabschool Account, Home screen will appear immediately.

The left side contains Menu bar, all the icons have different use according to the needs.

Step3: Click on the Students icon, given on the left side of the screen in menu bar.

The following screen will appear with Students name and Details:

Step 4: Select the “Bulk Upload” option from the top of the screen.

Step 5: Upload the file with the details of all newly assigned student.

Step 6: Click on the selection bar given on the left side of student name. You can also find student from the search menu bar.

Step 7: Change the name of the subject from the from the “Select class” option.

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